Lost Key Locator Affiliate Program

Mainstream and adult sites welcome!
NOTE FIRST: It is ok to link FROM adult sites to your key pages you build.
But please DO NOT put adult links or banners on your key page!!!!!

Real simple program here. Build 2 pages on a domain and/or subfolder similar to these
2 pages.
Main index and order form. Email us at jerrysps @ aol.com with your request
and we will assign you an affiliate number that goes up on
your order page in place
of our main account # S261. Upload your pages and link to them from your other
websites. When we get an order in we will credit your account for $3.00 per tag
sold. Email us when you get your site up and running and we will build a page for
your account to check any sales. Just as a reminder - try to always put something
like "
TAG INFO" in the subject line so we don't get it lost in spam Email. If you
do send us an Email and get no response please try again. We all know how getting
Email can be a pain in the butt sometimes.

Our average sale is a 2 tags per order. We did make one sale of 11 tags from
a lady at our local Secretary of State DMV office. She ordered one for herself
and 1 for each of her employees. That shows the acceptance of the idea and
also made me grin.

If you want to order a sample you can click on our order form and fill it out.
Write "Webmaster Sample" on the order form and include $7.00 which is our
dealer wholesale cost. Limit is one (1) per this sample order. And don't forget,
we only do U.S. and Canada plates.

Does your wife, girlfriend or relative put on Avon (or similar) home parties?
We can set up an account where they can use this as an add-on profit line.

DO NOT make a copy of the webmaster page. At present we have no referral proggy.

We cut commission checks on the 10th of the month for the previous month sales
with no minimum payouts.

Now, don't order a new BMW on projected sales. But, if you generate some sales
a nice check once a month will help you pay the bills. You can do your own page
designs as long as you keep the same basic concept.

The sales order page MUST have OUR name and address where orders are sent to.

Also, please do not hotlink the images. Please serve them off your own server.

Exit consoles work fine for selling as it generates some extra revenue.

Just to see if the system works here is what we did. Some webmaster friends
of mine made up 5 sets of dummy keys with their plate tags on them. 2 were done
here in Saginaw and 3 were done in small surrounding towns. Keys were dropped
in various parking lots. At the end of 3 days we had 2 sets of keys returned, on
the 5th day we had 2 more sets returned and on the 7th day we had the 5th
set returned. 4 by local Police phone calls and 1 by a letter from the local
Police department. That was 100% success in a test. Obviously if the keys are
dropped in a lake or down a sewer the chances of recovery are slim.

The biggest selling point of this is not only to get your car key ring back
that may have some 1 of a kind keys on it but the fact many people have their
car remote doorlock/start unit on the keychain and even a garage door opener
on it also. The remote I carry on my key ring costs $38.00 to replace. Also,
many new car keys come with a computer chip embeded in them. It costs
between $20-$75 to replace each key designed like that.
Just a good selling point to think about!!!

Talk to local New and Used Car dealerships. Talk them into having a tag
made for all their customers that buy a car. I'm sure they can afford the
$10 on the car they sold. Have them send us the slip with a check and a
business card of the Salesperson that sold the car. We will make the tag
and ship it to their customer along with the business card. We will also make
the shipping label return address that of the car dealer. A nice personal
touch to give the customer. PLUS, you make $3.00 on each slip that is
returned to us with your account number on it. This could also work for
auto repair shops, body shops, etc.

Another place to explore is Realtor offices. Would be a nice thank you from
a realtor when they sell a new home to someone.

Optional open-to-the-public store display available below.

As usual.......NO E-MAIL SPAM, ILLEGAL SITES or funny tricks please.
REMEMBER: We only sell and ship in the U.S. and Canada

jerrysps @ aol.com

(copy and paste this info into an email)

Optional Retail Store Display $17.50 delivered

Lost Key Locator Store Display
Will include lucite display, sample tag from your state, 200 cut inserts with
your account code, 2 master sheets for you to photocopy more inserts.

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