Lost Key Locator Income Program

Are you always short of money for yourself or your family?
Would you like to have a steady buildable income?
Are you retired, disabled or just unable to find work?
Do you want to earn some easy money?

We can help you build a nice growing monthly income
by simply talking and selling our plan to certain businesses!
Believe me ...
it is very EASY to set up accounts!

(NOTE: This program will NOT work for you if you are lazy, lack initiative or
are afraid to talk to people.)


We market a patented, highly saleable, license plate designed keyring tag like this.

We can design these tags for all 50 states and Canadian provinces like these.

We are looking for motivated salespersons that will offer this program to local
businesses. The market is wide open and only limited by your own initiative and drive
to make a decent income. This is NOT a get rich quick program and takes patience.
But, as the months go by, you will see your monthly income growing and growing.
We market these tags to new and used car dealers, motorcyle shops, automotive
repair shops, landscape designers, realtors, etc. Any place there is a high dollar
sale or repair is a perfect spot to set up an account.

This tag is highly applauded by ALL Police agencies and State Department of
Motor Vehicles. Our local State Police post has over 50 sets of keys that were
turned in and they have
ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA who they belong to. If those keys
would have had our patented tag on them they would have
EASILY been returned
to the customer.

Just think about what most keyrings have on them nowadays. House keys, Car keys,
special keys for lockers and sheds, safety deposit box keys, etc. Many new cars
now come with computer chip encoded keys that can only be replaced by dealers.
These keys, depending on auto manufacturer, range in price from $35 - $650 per
key to replace. Average is $150 - $200. BMW, Rolls, Lexus, etc are on the high end
of replacement cost. ALSO, did the keyring have a garage door opener on it? Did
it have an auto remote start/doorlock on it?
These are costly items to replace!

A simple $10 tag such as ours can save the consumer lots of $$$$.

Our tags sell for $10 each (delivered) for the accounts. You, as our representative, make
$3 per tag sold through the merchants. We set you up with all the material you will
need such as forms and a sample tag for your keyring to show what the item looks like.

We will send you 200 submission forms, a tag for your keychain to show what it looks
like and a master copy of the submission form that you can have photocopied at any
office supply place for additional account presentations. This form will have YOUR
account number on it so we know who to give credit to.



BONUS: We will build you a website page so your customers can even order tags
from you on-line. The website will accept Visa/MC/Amex paid to us via PayPal
with YOUR CODE so we know who to credit for the sale.

As mentioned earlier this is not a get rich quick program. It gradually builds for you
as you set up new accounts. We have reps that started 6 months ago that are making
over $400 per week ... and growing as they add new accounts! And best of all ...
much of it is on repeat sales.


Let's use a new car dealer as an example. Salesman John Smith sells a new
Buick to a customer. Salesman fills out one of your slips with the customers name,
address and license plate number. Salesman puts one of his business cards, the
order form and a check for $10 in an envelope and mails it to us. We process the order
and ship it directly to their customer with the business card. We also use the dealers
name and address on the shipment envelope. About 2 weeks after the customer
buys his new car they receive their special keychain tag in the mail
as a
SPECIAL THANK YOU from the dealer.
You just made $3 and can expect more recurring orders because
in the shipment we also include 6 order forms (with
YOUR CODE on them).
When friends and relatives see their special license plate tag many will inquire
how they can get one.

This method of sale can be used for any business that has a fairly high value
sales item. New car, used car, transmission repair, motor repair, home improvement
(such as siding, roofing) and realtors, etc. You may even think of others.

The $10 is a very small THANK YOU cost for the dealer if their customer just
spent a few thousand dollars with them.
AND, it is a gift that the customer will remember when needing another car,
a roofing job, etc.

Imagine if a new car dealer sells just 10 cars a week. That one single dealer will
make you $30 per week. How many car dealers do you know in your area?
How many repair shops in your area? They are all an open door for you to make
some nice recurring money. Month after month.

We process representative checks on the 10th of the month for the previous month.


Just to see if the system works here is what we did. Some personal friends
of mine made up 5 sets of dummy keys with their plate tags on them. 2 were done
here in Saginaw and 3 were done in small surrounding towns. Keys were dropped
in various parking lots. At the end of 3 days we had 2 sets of keys returned, on
the 5th day we had 2 more sets returned and on the 7th day we had the 5th
set returned. 4 by local Police phone calls and 1 by a letter from the local
Police department. That was 100% success in a test. Obviously if the keys are
dropped in a lake or down a sewer the chances of recovery are slim.

The biggest selling point of this is not only to get your car key ring back
that may have some 1 of a kind keys on it but the fact many people have their
car remote doorlock/start unit on the keychain and even a garage door opener
on it also. The remote I carry on my key ring costs $38.00 to replace. Also,
many new car keys come with a computer chip embeded in them. It costs
between $35-$650 to replace each key designed like that.
Just a good selling point to think about!!!


Talk to local New and Used Car dealerships. Talk them into having a tag
made for all their customers that buy a car. I'm sure they can afford the
$10 on the car they sold. Have them send us the slip with a check and a
business card of the Salesperson that sold the car. We will make the tag
and ship it to their customer along with the business card. We will also make
the shipping label return address that of the car dealer. A nice personal
touch to give the customer. PLUS, you make $3.00 on each slip that is
returned to us with your account number on it. This could also work for
auto repair shops, body shops, landscaping, etc.

Another place to explore is Realtor offices. Would be a nice thank you from
a realtor when they sell a new home to someone.



In signing up it is fully understood that I am not an employee of
Jerry's P. S., Inc. and that I am an independent contractor and will be
solely responsible for any taxes due on income derived from this program.
Also, you must be at least 18 years old to participate.



$149.00 U.S. FUNDS

(includes website, sales promotion items and keytag for you to show)
Please allow 2-3 weeks for total setup.

$49.00 U.S. FUNDS

(includes sales promotion items and keytag for you to show)
Please allow 1-2 weeks for total setup

(If you do not have a credit card please send check or money order
to the address at the bottom of this page.)


jerrysps @ aol.com

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